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Mass and Toxic Tort

Administrative Law

We provide quality legal counsel to oil refineries, manufacturers, and other companies facing toxic tort or mass tort litigation in Texas, on issues ranging from allegations of defective products, dangerous substances, and contaminants, such as asbestos, benzene, pesticides, refinery chemical spills, and hazardous waste.

Handling individual and class action cases involving hundreds or thousands of claimants requires coordination and management of resources. These lawsuits often have duplicative and uncoordinated discovery, novel legal theories, and conflicting legal rulings. Without counsel experienced in handling these types of issues, a party can very quickly find itself overwhelmed by mass tort litigation.

Mass tort litigation requires a comprehensive strategy to address discovery issues, factual development, analysis of key legal issues, and trial preparation. We are able to obtain pre-trial coordination of the litigation, to formulate legal strategies for addressing issues at a time and place most favorable for the litigation, and to organize and manage information, data, and documents.

To defend significant tort litigation, it is important to understand the client's business, and in product liability cases, to thoroughly understand the product at issue. We are very knowledgeable about our client's businesses. We have developed relationships with top experts in areas routinely involved in this kind of litigation.